Flexdex - Robotic needle holder for surgery


Over the last twenty years robotic surgery has been recognized as one of the most advanced technologies in the surgical field and has enabled the minimally invasive approach in many Urology, General Surgery and Gynecology procedures.
The most important limit to the diffusion of robotic surgery is the high cost of the equipment, its management and the cost of the related consumables.
The FlexDex system, a single-use mechanical device, completely eliminates the initial cost of capital equipment  and greatly reduces the cost of consumables.
FlexDex is an innovative needle holder with robotic movements very useful in all areas of laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery.
The instrument has a working length of 35 cm and a diameter of 7.5 mm, can articulate the tip up to 90 ° and offers 7 degrees of freedom.
The rotation dial on the handle allows infinite rotation of the tip.
FlexDex, fixed on the surgeon's wrist, allows direct transmission of hand and wrist movements to the articulated tip.
This system allows the surgeon to obtain tactile feedback of the needle.


The instrument is very practical in all procedures requiring anastomosis with complex angles, such as:

-  Prostatectomy
-  Partial nephrectomy
-  Pyeloplasty
-  Hiatal hernia
-  Gastrectomy
-  Pancreatectomy
-  Bariatric surgery
-  Colorectal surgery
-  Hysterectomy
-  Myomectomy


The use of the needle holder requires a short training before clinical use.
The training is aimed at laparoscopic surgeons and consists of 3-4 sessions of about two hours each on a simulator with the assistance of our staff.