OGmend - Alternative to cement in vertebral surgery

Woven Orthopedics developed a technology specifically designed to improve arthrodesis in orthopedic surgery, focusing on the screw-bone interface.

The first product, the OGmend implant, is dedicated to vertebral surgery. When the patient suffers from osteoporosis or osteopenia, spinal surgery presents an additional difficulty because the pedicle screws of the fixation implants do not guarantee an adequate stability. Special cortical screws, cannulated screws, fenestrated screws and different types of cement have been developed to solve this problem. All these solutions have different limits and also entail serious risks. The major risks for the patient are related to a possible diffusion of bone cement, the risks for the surgical team are linked to a higher exposure to X-rays.

OGmend system, a really simple solution, really fast and absolutely safe. The OGmend system is a "sleave" manufactured with a biopolymer that can be used with any type of screw of any producer (except the PEEK screws). The special fabric greatly improves the screw-bone interface, improving the tightness of the implant both immediately and in the long term.
Clinical studies have shown that the OGmend implant also guarantees optimal bone regrowth.

The use of the OGmend system does not require any modification of the usual surgical procedure. It will be sufficient, after making the hole, to place the OGmend in the cavity and then insert the screw as usual.